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Walleye and Salmon Charter Boat

Walleye season is here! We are actively working on the “Kingfisher,” getting her ready to go in the water.

There are several new and exciting developments since last year. I have rediscovered the joy and rewards of Perch fishing. Last fall, we had absolutely banner Perch fishing which resulted in many happy faces at the Miller dinner table throughout the winter.

We have continued to upgrade the “Kingfisher,” and are currently working to update the cockpit seating, carpet and replacing a GPS/Fishfinder. These investments provide both aesthetic and functional benefits to the fishing experience.

What to expect in 2012?
Our Walleye season will kick off May 21th this year and run through the fall at Toledo Beach Marina. We plan to target more Perch in conjunction with Walleye this year.

As I write this letter, we are seeing the lake temperatures comparable to mid-May. This means that our Walleye fishing in the western end of the lake will develop faster if the current weather trends continue. We have historically targeted our fishing efforts in June, which I believe will be the top month for Walleye this season. Last year, we actually had better Walleye fishing in July than in June.

When you begin to plan your trip, consider making your trip a Perch/Walleye combo. Don’t miss an opportunity to be rewarded with both species. On most days we can accommodate combo trips. In the past, I did not encourage these trips because of inconsistent Perch fishing. I would advise you consider a Walleye/Perch combo trip if you want to maximize your value.

We will see good fishing with a mix of several sizes of fish, as in prior years. The lake continues to have a lower, but stable Walleye population, estimated at 25 million. From all that we are seeing, the Walleye limits will remain the same this season in Ohio. Michigan and Ohio now have a limit of six fish per person.

Bryce Reckling is planning to return for another summer of fishing. He is now in his freshman year at Michigan State University majoring in Chemical Engineering. Bryce has fishing in his blood and is anxiously awaiting for June to arrive.

After several years of maintaining prices, the current price of gas is making me reevaluate the cost of running the boat. We often run long distances to fish the best waters and that requires 30-50 gallons every trip. I also recognize that cost may be an inhibitor to taking the next generation out fishing. With that in mind, I have decided to restructure rates accordingly and make changes to charter lengths and services offered:

5.5-Hour Walleye Charter or Limit*
1- 4 Person $480.00
5 Person $525.00
6 Person $570.00
*Children under 16 fish for free assuming the minimum rates have been met.
Departure Times at 6:30 AM and 1:00 PM daily.

8-Hour Walleye/Perch Charter or Limits
1-6 Person $640.00

6-Hour Perch Charter or Limit
1-6 Person $480.00

Planning Your Charter
Between the great Walleye and Perch fishing, we have many options and opportunities to fish. If you are unable to schedule a date in the early summer, please consider a late summer/early fall Perch fishing trip.

Scheduling for me is always a balancing act. For the most part, I fish weekends and then take off a week or more in June. There are many exceptions to this rule, too.

We appreciate your business and your referrals!

Thank you,


Captain Scott
Javafish Charters

Phone: 888.894.5749

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